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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of resources for customers seeking business signage solutions. Whether you’re a small business owner, an event organizer, or a facility manager, we understand the importance of signage in effectively conveying your message and enhancing your brand visibility. This page serves as a one-stop hub for educational materials, permitting guidelines, and answers to common inquiries frequently asked by individuals in search of signage solutions. 

What Signs are Permitted in My City?

It is important to note that every city and county has its own set of laws, signage codes and zoning that govern the types of signs permitted within its jurisdiction. These regulations dictate not only the sizes and shapes of signs but also establish specific rules regarding their placement, design, and content. No matter where your business is located, understanding and adhering to the local sign ordinances is paramount to ensure compliance and avoid potential fines or penalties. Familiarizing yourself with the unique requirements of your city and county’s sign regulations is essential for selecting the appropriate signage that aligns with both your business needs and the local guidelines.

Below are the links to the ordinances for many of the local jurisdictions:

Hamilton County Locations

Butler County Locations

Montgomery County Locations

Clermont County Locations

Greene County Locations

Highland County Locations

Ross County Locations

Warren County Locations

Other Interesting Websites

Websites dedicated to signage offer invaluable resources for customers. They provide information on sign types, design tips, industry trends, regulations, and access to reputable suppliers, helping customers make informed decisions and find suitable signage solutions. Here are a few as a easy-to-use resource:

  1. International Sign Association (ISA)
  2. Signworld
  3. Signs of the Times
  4. Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine
  5. Signweb
  6. Sign Industry
  7. The Signage Foundation
  8. Sign Research Foundation
  9. Sign Builder Illustrated
  10. Sign Association of Canada (SAC)
  11. International Sign Expo
  12. SignCraft Magazine – []
  13. Sign Research and Education – []
  14. Sign & Digital Magazine – []
  15. Sign Link – UK – []

    Fun Sign Museums to Visit Virtually or maybe even in person!

    Sign museum websites provide a delightful experience for enthusiasts to explore the captivating history of signage. Through virtual tours and exhibits, visitors can immerse themselves in the evolution of signs, appreciating their artistic and cultural significance from the comfort of their homes.

    1. American Sign Museum
    2. Neon Museum (Las Vegas)
    3. Museum of Neon Art (MONA)
    4. The Neon Boneyard


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