Product: Business Re-branding Sign 

Location: Mason, Ohio

Client: Constantia Flexible

IMG_1589Spear USA is rebranding itself to Constantia Flexible. Rebranding happens more times than one might think and happens for many reasons. A company might acquire another company and change the name of the products and sites to their own name. Many times a large company will rebrand a division of their company for marketing reasons or simply change their name to keep up with the times. Whatever their motivation for
changing their name, signage and marketing are essential to this process.

In the case of our customer, Spear USA has been around since 1982. Constantia Flexibles is a Group that has its roots in Constantia Teich, which was founded in Weinburg, Austria in 1912 and acquired Spear USA in 2013. The label manufacturer decided now was the time for a rebranding campaign.IMG_1594

Cincinnati Custom Signs was contacted by Constantia’s New Hampshire site to coordinate that changing of their site from Spear to Constantia.

There were 3 large signs that needed to be changed. The large external building sign, the logos on the entrance atrium and the lobby sign in the reception area.

Since Cincinnati Custom Signs fabricates all types of signage, we were able to handle the entire project.

IMG_1582The exterior sign was a large 12’w x 5.5’h and was made with an aluminum composite material with premium cast vinyl. This was a very economical and effective choice for Constantia.


The lobby sign was made with routed acrylic and PVC and was flush mounted with studs for a very professional look that pops from the wall.

The 3 logos located on the atrium etched glass windows were made with premium cast vinyl. The old Spear logo which had been there for a long time had to be removed from the glass prior to the installation of the new logos. As with most sign removal such as this, there is still a bit of ghosting where the old logo used to be.

We aim to help create and fabricate the perfect sign for your business. Please give us a call at 513-322-2559 or visited us in person at 2467 Crowne Point Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45241 or visit us virtually at to create your perfect sign.

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