Product: Lobby Sign 

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Client: Q2 Business Capital


Lobby signs come in many shapes and sizes and are created using a variety of materials. Dimensional letters and logos are a very attractive way to promote your company. Q2 designed their unique logo using a bold, modern style with eye-popping red colors. This color and style looks great on the chocolate office wall here in Cincinnati, OH.

IMG_0799 Q2 and Cincinnati Custom Signs decided on a glossy-faced logo using a 2-layered approach. The 20” x 20” logo sign starts with a bottom layer made of a ¼” thick opaque white acrylic with charcoal black painted edging. The top layer, which has been routed to show the white layer underneath, was made of 1/8” thick custom pantone red acrylic adhered to ½” black lightweight Gatorfoam.  The 6” dimensional letters are made of ¼” thick gloss black acrylic. The entrance door to the Q2 offices uses cut etched vinyl.

Cincinnati Customs Sign’s installer used a non-intrusive, yet very secure, double face (D/F) tape to mount the logo and dimensional letters to the office wall. The use of double face tape enables the logo and lettering to be removed with minimal damage to the wall.

Catching their clients’ immediate attention when entering the 2nd floor offices wasIMG_0614 important to this financial group. The use of etched vinyl for the company’s logo graphics provides a subtly, classy look-through in the glass window of their office entrance. Q2’s graphic artist came up with a very attractive color combination for their branding, which makes the colored acrylic of their lobby signage pop from the wall. The combination of these signs has created a very professional and modern look for the lobby of this progressive financial company.

Cincinnati Custom Signs can work with your company to create a lobby sign that uses your style and colors to create an attractive lobby sign masterpiece that you will be proud of for many years to come.

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