IMG_0569Product: Wall Signs 

Location: Newport, Kentucky; Blue Ash, Ohio; Glendale, Ohio

Clients: James Noll, Meritage Restaurant and Mantra Massage & Bodyworx


Wall signs are a great way to identify your business. Undoubtedly the most important business marketing investment, signs identifying your business are essential. Without these signs, your customers will not find your location and potential customers will not see that your business exists. Imagine a restaurant or any retail store without a business sign! This business’ existence would be short-lived.

Business signs take many forms. The “Cadillac” version of these signs vary from internally-illuminated or non-illuminated monument signs, pole signs, pylon signs or channel letters. However, though these signs are the most effective, they are also the most costly.IMG_0760

There are other choices for your business sign that can be just as effective, but much more economical. These signs vary from externally illuminated or non-illuminated post and panel signs to hanging signs and wall signs.

IMG_0761To promote their various businesses, our customers needed signs that were both economical and attractive, yet highly effective. The type of business wall signs selected as the best fit for our clients’ needs were large non-illuminated signs made from a substrate called MaxMetal. The rigid, aluminum composite panel with a high density polyethylene core, coupled with the long-lasting printed and laminated 3M vinyl overlay, was both economical and made for outdoor durability. As you can see in the images, the content of these large signs can be as simple as the name of the company, or you may add additional information necessary to contact the company. The content is up to the customer and is based on the placement and purpose of the sign.

The installation of these types of sign are also inexpensive due to the simplicity of the install. In many cases, a costly element of these signs are the permitting expenses, based on the rules and regulations of the city and county in which your business resides. Cincinnati Custom Signs provides this service in addition to the manufacturing and installation of your business sign.

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