Product: Etched Glass Vinyl 

Location: Hebron, KY

Client: Armor USA

IMG_1166Vinyl technology has come a long way. Now you can get a great etched glass look without the expense of etched glass. Most etched glass that you see in businesses today is not etched glass at all. It is etched vinyl applied to the glass. The vinyl is so thin, that if applied properly it is almost impossible to notice the seams. The versatility of etched glass combined with the vinyl cutters is incredible!

Vinyl cutter such as our Graphtec cutter cut vinyl with precision. They allow production personnel to create detailed cuts such as logos, creative fonts and intricate designs. However, the more complex the logo, font or design, the more labor it takes to “weed” out the unwanted vinyl.

Weeding is the process that takes place after the vinyl cutter has cut through the vinyl to produce the logo, text and/or design that will be place on a window. With all vinyl material, there are 2 very thin layers; the vinyl with adhesive on the back and the low-stick backing paper to protect the adhesive. The vinyl cutter is so precise, it will only cut through the top layer of vinyl and leave the backing paper intact.

This is necessary for the eventual installation of the vinyl, but also necessitates the weeding process which is a IMG_1165manual process that is sometimes very tedious. Production personnel use a pick to pull away and discard the unwanted vinyl. If the design of your logo, text or pattern are small or intricate, it can sometimes take hours to weed a window graphic. This does normally produce a more beautiful graphic, but the cost of your project will also increase. Note the small text in the photo under Armor USA. However, if your logo and design is simple such as the etched bars across the windows and the Armor USA words, the weeding process will only take a couple minutes.

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