Product: Day/Night Channel Letters

Location: Liberty, OH

Client:  Aura Nails & Spa

Aura Nails is an up and coming nail salon that wanted a sign that would be attractive during the day and very visible at night. The perfect solution for this is the fascinating Day/Night vinyl used with Channel Letters.

Illumination technology has created the ability to seemingly have two sign faces on the same sign. During the day this sign appears to be a classy solid black sign face, but at night it is a bright white sign face that is highly visible.

How is this possible?

It’s a combination of perforated colored vinyl (in this case we chose black perforated vinyl) and the lighting that is projected through the perforations. The creators of this technique found that your eyes can play “tricks” on you. During the day, even though a sign may have a 50/50 perforated vinyl applied to it’s face (i.e. 50% vinyl and 50% perforated), your eyes focus on the color and not the part that is perforated/cut away to make a tiny hole. During the night when the lights are shining through the perforated part of the vinyl, your eyes focus on the bright lights and cannot see the vinyl.

This provides for some very interesting combinations of day/night color options. There are limits to the colors that will show up in the day and at night, but there are several color choices of perforated vinyl that can be used during the day and several color choices of LED lighting to be used at night.

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