Product: Channel Letters w/ RGB LED’s

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Client: My Party Bus

Channel letters with a twist!

My Party Bus is a company that provides a fun and safe way to get to your event in Cincinnati. They provide buses that comfortably accommodate you and your guests anywhere you choose to go.

The owner of My Party Bus came to Cincinnati Custom Signs with a request. Let’s put some fun in our company sign by adding some color to it!

We came up with a large set of illuminated channel letters that incorporated day/night vinyl with RGB LED interior light that can be remotely control. What a perfect solution for a company like My Party Bus.

During the day My Party Bus sign is easily visible with what looks to be a standard set of black faced lettering. It is situated near a highway and is visible from both sides of the highway.

But at night, the sign comes alive. The day/night vinyl allows the RGB lighting to shine through brightly and the remote control allows the owner to change the pattern of the lighting whenever he wishes. Now the view from the highway is much greater. You can’t miss it!


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