Product: Building Sign

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Client: IronRoad

IMG_1298When you want a building sign on a large building, you’ll need to go big. IronRoad, formally known as Humacare, is rebranding themselves. “Iron road,” (or via ferrata in Italian) refers to a protected mountain climbing route with a steel cable that runs along a dangerous route, allowing less-experienced climbers to reach peaks that would be otherwise be off-limits except to the most serious mountaineers. According to the IronRoad website, this symbolically indicates that they are “the stable support you need to climb confidently toward success.” Having recently moved into this 3-story office building due to some extraordinary growth in the last few years, the company needed an effective sign that is visible to the public and their employees. The sign they chose was both large enough that is easily seen from a distance, and also nicely contrasted with the building colors allowing it to be easily recognized within its visual environment.IMG_1293

The flat-faced letters were made from custom cast aluminum and measured 24” in height. Using the exact PMS logo colors provided by Iron Road, “IRON” has a beautiful brushed aluminum finish and “ROAD” was painted in a custom brilliant blue sheen. These letters were stud mounted into the concrete wall that was covered with a stucco finish. Since the wall was not accessible directly from t
he ground below, a bucket truck with a long boom was utilized to reach the installation area that was 25’ – 30’ above the ground.




The IronRoad representatives were a privilege to work with and were delighted with their new sign. We are now looking forward to installing several interior lobby signs to complete this transition and rebranding of the new company.

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