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Are you looking for some sort of sign or graphic element for the outside of your business or organization in the Cincinnati, OH area or in Hamilton County? We are called Cincinnati Custom Graphics and we are a family owned sign and design shop located right here in Cincinnati, but we also serve Sharonville, Kenwood, St Bernard, Convington and Florence as well. Our many exterior sign products are made from a variety of materials and come in various shapes and sizes. Each sign requires different kinds of configuration or installation. Here is a brief guide that explains what kind of outdoor products we carry and what their installation entails.

Outdoor Sign Products and Solutions in Cincinnati

We carry all types of signs and sign products for outdoor use at our sign shop. These products and services include hand-painted graphics, signs and murals as well as awning signs, raceway and non-raceway mounted signs, monument signs, digital signs, fence signs, banners, A-frame signs, enter/exit signs and others. Some signs can be backlit or lit underneath or overtop to stay visible in the evening. Signs are constructed of various materials including plastic, wood, foam, rubber and metal elements. We carry both fixed permanent and portable sign options.

Installing Your Exterior or Outdoor Sign

Only trust experts for outdoor and exterior signage. Portable signage requires no installation usually or can be done yourself. Larger, more complex signage requires a trained expert that can do the job with precision, skill and talent. That’s where we come in. Call us to get started.

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