Product: Retail Store Signage

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Topic: 5 Types of Signs You will Need for your Business

5 types of signs you’ll need to think about when your business moves to its new location?

  1. Channel Letters – Channel letters, especially those that are illuminated are a mainstay for retail stores. They not only identify
    your store; they are one of your main marketing tools to bring customers in img_1466to your store. Channel letters are normally made of formed aluminum casing with a translucent painted acrylic face that has been routed to form your letters or logos. Channel letters are not cheap because they are handcrafted to your specifications and design. They normally use the latesimg_1407t in LED technology and are controlled with a transformer that often uses a timer switch that is set to go on in the evenings and off at closing.
  2. Monument/Pylon Sign – Monument/Pylon signs are those signs normally positioned by high traffic
    areas such as the highway or major roadways. These signs are normally simplistic in nature due to the moving vehicles that need to read them. They are often illuminate signs. A pylon sign is normally used in shopping centers where multiple tenants will use the same pylon. This
    option is not very costly compared to the monument sign. A monument sign is normally a sign with a single company name and is often made with a cement foundation and an aluminum cabinet framed with brick or rock. Monument signs are very pricey but definitely make a bold statement to those passing by.
  3. Window Graphics – Most retail stores will have additional information in theirimg_1473 windows to describe more of the services or products they provide. Window graphics are much less costly and easier to changed when necessary.
  4. Interior Graphics – Interior graphics come in all shapes and sized. From wall murals to img_1270point-of-sale graphics and signage, once a customer enters your building, you want to WOW them with who you are and what’s for sale. Properly identified areas of your store are a must. A confused customer or a customer who can’t find something can be a very unhappy customer.
  5. Vehicle Graphics – Vehicle graphics continue to gain popularity as they img_1459number one way to market your company. The number of potential customers that will see your vehicle in a giving day is astounding. You’ll never have a more cost effective way of advertising.



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